Why people are falling in love with Fijian Organic Turmeric

Published Tuesday, 30th June 2020
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It is undeniable that we are now, more than ever before, living in a world that is concerned with health and vitality, with every key demographic recording dramatically increased interest in increasing both life and health span.

The effects and results of this critical upswing in health consciousness by all strata of society can be seen most notably in the physical fitness and health food industries, reports Fiji company and producer of organic tumeric, Island Magic. In particular over the last decade we have witnessed what can only be described as an economic explosion in the global juice market with particular emphasis placed upon the cleansing or detoxification properties of the wide range of products in this sector.

The target market in this sector are health conscious people who want to be assured that the ingredients they are using are of the highest quality – and will therefore provide the greatest amount of health benefits. To illustrate this point, at the time of writing, there are literally hundreds of books, thousands of internet sites and recipe recommendations for these drinks and the growth of this industry has been astronomical with some reports benchmarking the sector as worth in excess of USD150 billion per year.

Producers of these drinks go to great lengths to source the best quality and freshest ingredients for their products and are, it seems, constantly in search of that new key ‘super food’ that will give their product an edge over the competition in an increasingly crowded market place. In this vein, the next rising star within this market and getting quite a reputation in the detoxing and cleansing community is turmeric which among other things, is known for the energetic and refreshing buzz that it imparts with every sip.

Turmeric originated in, and is still usually sourced from India, China or other areas of Asia, where because of its well-known health promoting and incredible curative properties, it has been used in medicines or food for centuries.

Turmeric the new super food for 2020.

The key active ingredient of turmeric (which also gives the food its distinctive taste and aroma) is its high curcumin content which has been clinically shown to fight against cancer, boost your immune system and cleanse the gut, liver and biliary systems. There is also evidence from clinical trials showing that the curcumin extracted from turmeric can prevent and put a stop to debilitation caused by Alzheimer’s with the most promising of these studies having been carried out by the UCLA Department of Neurology.

Furthermore, the University of Maryland in its ‘Medical Reference Guide’ has stated that the curcumin found in turmeric has incredible curative and therapeutic benefits and classify it as a wonder root. In fact, turmeric has also been proven to have an effect on colon cancer, help to cure all kinds of liver-related diseases, slow down tumour growth, protect the heart, boost brain activity and combat the aging process.

It has also been shown to aid in better digestion which in turn impacts the entire body and its metabolism. Not only that, it is known to be a powerful antioxidant and protects against free radicals which cause degeneration of cells. Below is a list of only some of the benefits imparted by next year’s super food:

  • It has significant anti-inflammatory properties that can make it as effective as ibuprofen.
  • It does not leave any toxic traces in the body which most supplements do.
  • It protects healthy cells in the body especially in the colon region.
  • Curcumin targets mutated cancerous cells and prevents their spread.
  • It has the ability to lower cholesterol and thus prevent heart disease.
  • It is known to protect against heavy metal toxicity and help flush out your system.
  • It is known to have a pain-relieving effect.
  • It is great for skin health.
  • It is known to protect bones from decay and osteoarthritis.
  • It is great for oral and dental health.
  • It has great wound healing properties and antimicrobial effects.

This root has also been used for hundreds of years in natural medicine for wound healing, ulcers, parasitic skin diseases, skin eczemas, inflammation of joints, chicken pox, vertigo, bronchitis, and urinary diseases too.

Powdered or Fresh Turmeric? As stated above, the main source of turmeric is still overwhelmingly from the Indian sub-continent and to a lesser extent, select areas throughout Asia. However, from the perspective of getting the most health and vitality out of your ingredients, the turmeric sourced or derived from these areas is almost exclusively in ground (or powdered) form and is thus not generally optimal for juicing requirements. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Loss of Bioavailability: An article published in 2015 in the Journal of Functional Food indicated that raw (or ‘fresh’) Turmeric is more bioavailable, which means that the body can absorb nutrients better from raw Turmeric than from the dry version; and
  • Loss of Potency & Effectiveness: Another argument against ground Turmeric is that it is heated when being packed. This heating process means that the curcumin inside the root is destroyed (In fact, it can lead to a loss of 85% of its potency as a cancer fighter.)

Because of the above two factors the current trend is that producers source only the best quality fresh organic turmeric for inclusion in their drinks.

Powdered or Fresh Turmeric? As stated above, the main source of turmeric is still overwhelmingly from the Indian sub-continent and to a lesser extent, select areas throughout

Turmeric in both powder and tablet form loses a lot of its key benefits, which is why juices and smoothies are becoming a favoured option to maximise those qualities. Combining turmeric with ginger/black pepper often increases the active benefits and enhances absorption into the body.

Major companies are now investing heavily in extraction for medical purposes.

There are of course many sources of fresh turmeric in the world today nearly all of which (whether organically certified or not) is farmed turmeric, with all the accompanying artificially produced inputs required to enhance plant volume and crop yield. Whilst this has definite benefits for the farmer (mainly commercial, bottom line considerations), it is widely accepted that modern farming practises can only have an overall negative nett effect on the health giving properties and other benefits of the final crop.

Wild Grown Organically Certified Fiji Turmeric

In direct contrast, if our goal is to source only the most high quality sources of turmeric, what could be better than finding a supply of 100% wild grown turmeric which can boast that the only inputs required year round are the untouched nutrient dense volcanic forest soils, abundant tropical sunshine and mineral laden seasonal rainwaters of the South Pacific? Because of its 100% completely natural and additive free growing environment, wild grown organically certified Fiji turmeric has an extremely high curcumin content which gives it superior health and juicing abilities. Furthermore, it is also available year round, whereas other premium varieties are harvestable for around 6 months annually and are rarely seen outside of North America.

To access this supply of turmeric, Island Magic Fiji have spent a number of years working closely with a network of villages to gain permission to have approximately 6500 acres of ancestral village forest lands organically certified under the USDA NOP programme. In doing so, Island Magic has forged a strong relationship with the members of its village network that is built on principles of trust and mutual benefit and which is simultaneously mindful of the beautiful cultures and environment in which we operate.


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